Quartz Cup Insert




  • Fits Flat Top Quartz Bangers
  • Increases Heat Retention
  • Keep Your Nail Looking Brand New
  • Precision Doses
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Quartz Cup Insert

The quartz insert allows you to either heat just the dish and drop it into your banger with tweezers, keeping your quartz banger basically brand new, or you can heat your banger and drop it in the quartz dish preloaded with your concentrates. The great thing about dropping it in preloaded is it allows you to easily weigh a precise dose and also allows for slower better flavorful dabs.


If you already have a Flat Top Banger style nail, you will need to calculate the inner diameter of your nail head. Outer Diameter – (2 x Thickness) = Inner Diameter

Example: For a 25mm head with a 2mm thickness: 25 – (2 x 2) = 25 – 4 = 21,  would require a 20mm Insert. To be safe always get an insert that is at least 1mm smaller than the Inner Diameter of your nail’s head.

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18mm, 19mm


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