FOB Dry Herb Vape




  • Discreet Car Key Design
  • Magnetic Chamber Lid
  • Stainless Steel Herb Chamber
  • 6 Optimized Heat Settings (360° – 420°F)
  • Passthrough Charging
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FOB Dry Herb Vape

Micro Vaped introduces the ultimate discreet portable vaporizer in the market today, the FOB Vaporizer. Created and designed for on-the-go and stealth vaping, at first impression the FOB Vaporizer appears to be nothing more than a simple car key. But it hides more than your eyes can deceive. In fact, the FOB Vaporizer is disguised so well, you might even accidentally try to start your car with it!

The FOB Vaporizer from Micro Vaped can be carried anywhere without anyone knowing it’s actually a vaporizer. Completely self-contained and ultra-compact, the FOB uses a short mouthpiece made of stainless steel which is housed in the unit easily sliding out for use, whenever, wherever you want.

The FOB Vaporizer features six preheat settings ranging from (360° – 420°F) which temperature and power controls disguised as the ‘trunk open’, door ‘unlock’ and ‘lock’ buttons, respectively. Also, stainless steel heating chamber and a magnetic chamber lid. And two mouthpiece options (silicone and stainless steel) for your specific vaporizing preference.


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 4 in


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