AirVape OM Basic


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  • OM, Divinely Sleek & Stealthy
  • Comes In A Long Cap or Short Cap
  • 300 mAh Battery
  • Wax-Pen Style
  • 5 Second Heat Time
  • Variable Voltage: 2.4-4.0v
  • Rapid Heating
  • Extremely Compact
  • Keychain
  • Stealthy Design
  • Sturdy Metal Build
  • Universal 510-Threading
  • Pre-filled Cartridge Compatible
  • Easy-to-Use

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AirVape OM Basic

Introducing the stealthy AirVape OM Vaporizer which offers the ability to create delicious vapor from waxy oil concentrates in a compact form that can easily fit onto your key chain. The AirVape OM is one of the top-tier high-performance and stealthy vaporizers available.  Despite its compact form, the AirVape OM creates flavorful, potent vapor whenever you need it. This device incorporates a key chain connection allowing easy access to the AirVape OM wherever you travel.  In addition, the AirVape OM has a USB charger so you can power up the device from anywhere. The AirVape OM has a dual quartz rod atomizer for use with waxy oil concentrates. The AirVape OM is also compatible with oils and has a 510-threaded connector for easily attaching pre-filled oil cartridges.

WAX AND OIL COMPATIBILITY AirVape OM has dual compatibility with wax and oil concentrates. Simply remove the metal cover revealing the dual quartz atomizer to deliver intensely flavored huge hits. The atomizer is magnetized to make loading easy, cleaning simple, and replacement a snap. To switch to an oil cartridge, simply unscrew the 510-thread and screw on the pre-filled oil cartridge. The AirVape OM has two different-sized covers for whichever type of concentrate you prefer, whether oil or wax. The covers conceal and protect the oil cartridge for vaping with ultimate discretion. The AirVape OM utilizes an advanced heating system that vaporizes your oils with superior efficiency, while preserving each hint of flavor, potency, and aroma, for the ultimate vapor session anywhere anytime.

INTUITIVE CONTROLS The AirVape OM utilizes a simple click-based button interface.  Click Five times to activate the AirVape OM, Click Two to toggle through the preset voltage settings, and hold down the activator button will vaporize your waxy oils concentrates, or liquid extracts. The easy controls allow users to take discreet hits without drawing unwanted attention. The AirVape is perfect for a quick vape break, or a walk, allowing you to enjoy the discreet flavorful vapor. The AirVape OM is an intuitive hassle-free concentrate vaporizer for use anytime making it the perfect companion to easily store on your keychain.

KEYCHAIN VAPORIZER AirVape OM is one of the truly perfected concentrate keychain-compatible vaporizers available. This vape is so small that you can hide it in your closed grip.  The device is compact and easy enough to carry with you anywhere. You can easily hit this vape hidden in your hand. The AirVape OM is not your ordinary vaporizer. The design offers an ergonomic grip that emulates the look of dark polished ornamental oak.

TRANSCENDENT VAPOR PRODUCTION The AirVape OM provides a powerful battery that delivers long use, instant heating, and clean, smooth vapor rich with flavor.  The AirVape OM vapes concentrate slowly and low, utilizing the dual quartz atomizer which heats concentrates with zero combustion. The glass mouthpiece preserves the vapor flavor, which doesn’t hit like plastic or metal.

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.75 × .75 in


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